How do I use Motion Search

Learn how to quickly identify important video using motion search.

Common Issues

The applications of Solink's Motion Search technology are endless. Video records 24/7 365 days a year, the problem is, there is too much footage to go through. Motion search allows you to identify a key area of video and then search for any interaction within that area. It can be used when something goes missing, someone uses a backdoor, or even to audit employee break times.

Solution Overview

Motion search is a powerful tool that will help you quickly identify video that matters to you. When you select a camera you'll see a button, in the top right corner, labelled "Motion Search", when you click that button you'll be able to highlight a key area of the video. When motion is detected in the highlighted area it will be represented by blue bars on both the 24 hour and 30-minute timelines.

Run Down

Step 1:
Select the video page and the location that you would like to view footage from.

Step 2:
Select the camera you would like to conduct a Motion Search on.

Step 3:
Using the timelines on the bottom of the page select which time you would like to start.

Step 4:
In the top right corner of the page, you will see a button labelled "Motion Search", once you've clicked on Motion Search, you will be able to click and hold your mouse button to highlight an area of interest.

Step 5:
Once you've highlighted that area of interest, look to the timeline, there you will see blue bars which represent motion, the taller the bar, the more motion in the area you highlighted.

Step 6:
Click on the arrow buttons, located to the left and right of the play/pause button, this will skip ahead or backwards to each motion event.