Histogram Update

Knowing how your business is performing at any moment of the day, week, month or year is critical to the continued growth and management of your operations. The histogram has served as a visual indicator for your business' performance and it helps you make sense of the tremendous amount of data generated by your business everyday. 

In this update, the addition of historical data comparisons to the histogram enhances your ability to quickly understand how your performance changes over time. This helps you identify trends with a more holistic view of your data.

Whether you are looking at single day or the entire week, month or year, your current timeframe is now shown in dark green bars on the histogram. Data from a historical period will be shown in light green bars allowing you to see any increase or decrease in performance. 

Here is how the time comparisons change based on your current histogram timeframe:

  • Day view: Same hour compared to yesterday.
  • Week view: Same day compared to last week.
  • Month view: Same day compared to last month.
  • Year view: Same month compared to last year. 

Moving your mouse over the bars will show additional details that highlight specific details for that period's comparison. In the example below, we are comparing April to the previous month.

There is also a new navigation bar visible as a red line. You can click to move to different periods which will filter all the events up until your selected time. The red bar stays visible indicating that only events occurring before (to the left) of the bar are visible. 

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