How do I create a Camera Group

Learn how you can leverage Camera Groups to watch video from multiple locations on one screen.

Common Issues

Creating camera groups can be used to help organize your cameras. Often times you have multiple cameras at one location and it can be hard to focus on a few cameras, by creating a camera group you're able to focus on a set of cameras that will help you understand what's happening in your business. Our most common camera group is "Customer Queue", adding all customer-facing cameras into a group and then being able to quickly pull those cameras up to see how busy your location is.

Solution Overview

Camera groups provide an excellent way to group cameras based on the information you'd like to obtain from a video. By creating a Kitchen close camera group you can quickly pull all kitchen cameras to audit employee behaviour during closing time.


Step 1:
Select the Video tab on the left side of the page.

Step 2:
Select the "+ New Group" button located to the right of the Groups heading

Step 3:
Create a title that best describes what this group will be used for and click the "Add" button

Step 4:
Select a location from which you would like to add cameras to the group.

Step 5:
Hover your cursor over the camera thumbnail to reveal the "Actions" button

Step 6:
Click "Add to Group" and select the checkbox to the Camera Group you just created

Step 7:
Repeat this process until you've add all the necessary cameras needed in the group.