How do I create a report

Learn how to create a report that will filter your transactions down to only the ones that matter

Common Issues

Your business may see close to 1000 transactions happened a day, as an owner, it may be difficult to find the time to examine each one. Creating an impactful report will notify you when transactions meet the criteria you've set in your report. You'll be able to quickly create a report that notifies you when a cash refund over $30 was initiated by an employee. We've seen our customers monitor high percentage discounts use, transactions that take longer than 10 minutes, and, transactions that have been cancelled or voided. 

Solution Overview

Combining search terms to filter down your transactions to the ones that matter can be extremely valuable. Solink will allow you to do this but will also allow you to save this search as a report. After you have identified the search terms that will make an impactful report click the "Save Report" located to the right of the search field.

Run Down

Step 1:
Identify key terms on your receipts that will act as a filter to ensure you're only seeing transaction that meets those criteria.

Step 2:
Type the search terms into the search bar (Be sure to separate the terms).

Step: 3:
Click the "Go" button or the enter button, this will filter your receipts, be sure to review the results to ensure that you are getting only the receipts you'd like to see.

Step 4:
Click the "Save Report" button located to the right of the search terms.

Step 5:
Set a title for your report that will accurately describe what this report represents.

Step 6:
Include a description that displays the parameters that you've set in your report. 

Step 7:
You have the option to add this report to daily/weekly or push notification. This is not required and can be set later in the settings.