How do I Save & Share video

Quickly save and share video that matters to you and your business.

Common Issue

Saving and Sharing video is an integral part of every business. Whether it's an insurance report, police report, or a training video, Solink's save & share feature will allow you to quickly perform this task.

Solution Overview

One of the key differences between Solink and it's competitors is how easily you can save and share a video. When you click into a video camera you'll notice a button in the top right corner above the video stream labelled "Save Clip". Once you click that button, you'll see a save box that will give you the ability to add cameras, set your start and end times, and also it will allow you to input an email address.

Run Down

Step 1:
Start by identifying a portion of video you would like to save.

Step 2:
Click the "Save Clip" button in the top right corner of your video page.

Step 3:
The system will set the save clip duration to 2 minutes by default, to change this, you'll need to click on the start time and set it to a point in which the video of interest begins, then select the end time and set it to the time the video ends.

Step 4:
You can add more camera by clicking the "+" button beside the video thumbnail, this will open the add camera page, you can add cameras by clicking the "+" in the button right corner of the thumbnails.

Step 5:
Add a title.

Step 6:
Add a brief description. 

Step 7:
You now have the option of selecting the "Email" checkbox or you can click "Save" and finish the process.

Step 8:
Input the email address and your email message and Solink will save this footage and also send it out.