How Do I Find Old Video?

Learn how to locate video from a specific date and time.

[Last updated: June 12, 2020]

Common Issues

When you need to view video from a past date and time, you can select and find a particular start time from the video page to review and watch past recorded video. 

Solution Overview 

Finding Archived videos in Solink can be done by selecting the date and time in the top right corner of the video page. Once you click on the date, a calendar will appear, you will then be able to select which date and time you would like to see video from. 


Step 1 

Navigate to the Video tab in

Step 2

Click on the date and time in the top left corner to access the calendar view. Select the date on the calendar along with the time you would like to start watching the video to begin watching the video at that time. Click 'OK'. Your date and time selected will now be displayed in the top left corner. 

Step 3

Select the location you would like to view video for and select the camera which you would like to review. The video will begin playing at the date and time you selected. 

Step 4

Navigate through the timeline on the video player, or browse video by looking through the blue motion bars. You can learn more about motion search to save you time here. 

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