How to combine search terms to filter down your transactions

This video will show you how to use key words to filter your transaction to the ones that matter most to you

Common Issues

Finding a specific transaction amongst thousands can be a difficult task, whether it's verifying an order, or ensuring that a customer received the proper change back, searching transactions is an important part of your business. Our customers combine search terms to create reports, to audit employee transaction, and to see if there is discount abuse.

Solution Overview

Combining search terms is simple, we just need to identify how those terms appear on a receipt, for example, in some environments you can find discounts by searching the term "discount", however, in other environments, your discounts may appear as "Disc". It is recommended that you go through your transactions to identify key terms that will help you find what you're looking for. Once you've done that you simply add those terms to the search bar.

Run Down

Step 1:
Start on the Events page.

Step 2:
Identify keywords that will help filter your transaction to the ones that matter.

Step 3:
Think about which combination of search terms would produce transactions that would be considered High Risk

Step 4:
In the example above we combine two separate discounts that should never be seen on the same transactions.

Step 5:
Once you've created a combination of search terms that yield good results you can save it as a report to monitor.