How to create a Widget

Widgets let you quickly compare your data to -regions time periods to help identify outliers in your business.

Common Issue

Understanding your data is an important aspect of any business. Solink gives you the ability to create reports that can then be transformed into widgets, those widgets can be set up to show you a week to week view of results side by side with your previous week's results. This way you'll be able to quickly identify if refunds or discount use is increasing week over week.

Solution Overview

Run Down

Step 1:
Select the Dashboard page.

Step 2:
In the top right corner of the page, select the "+ WIDGET" button.

Step 3:
Under the "Reports" heading click the drop-down button, this will show you a list of reports that you can turn into a widget (If you do not have any report, please visit the How to Report Page)

Step 4:
Set the Widget name and Description

Step 5: 
Select the location you would like the widget to be made for (By default All locations will be selected.).

Step 6:
Set your timeframe, I recommend using a Rolling Time frame, this way you will always have data being displayed in your widget, be sure to select the "Use Rolling Time Frame" checkbox)

Step 7:
You have the option to graph previous time frame data or to show the percent change.

Step 8:
Select a graph type (Bar graph is selected by default) and click the "ADD" button.