How do I send an Insurance Incident

Learn how to quickly prepare and send an incident to your insurance company.

Common Issue

When an incident occurs at your business it is important to quickly save the video in case it's needed. Whether it's an employee/customer injury, damage to your store, or accident, Solink will help you find the video, save it, and then share it with the insurance company.

Solution Overview

Handling insurance video requests is extremely easy in Solink, in this video, we'll show you some tips and tricks that will help make the process quick and painless.


Run Down

Step 1:
Identify the video of the incident

Step 2:
Remember the start and end time of the video that captures that entire incident.

Step 3:
Select the "Save Clip" button.

Step 4:
Click the Start and End time to set the duration of the save clip.

Step 5:
Add a title and description.

Step 6:
Click the "E-Mail" checkbox and input the address and email message

Step 7:
Clicking the "Save" will initiate the save and will send the email with a link to the footage.