How to audit employee start and end times

How can I quickly verify when my employees started work and when they finished.

Common Issues

Time theft can be tricky to monitor and audit but with Solink you can leverage your existing video to conduct an audit of when your employees start and end their shifts. Saving this video will be crucial to keeping track of which employees are showing up late and will also provide you with concrete evidence that can protect you from any complication that may arise from terminating the employee.

Solution Overview

There are a few things we need to identify before we can get started, first, we need to know employee start and end times for the day, also, we need to identify which door entrance/exit they use when starting/ending their shift. Now that you've done that you can simply go to the video page and select a camera that captures the exit you would like to audit, we then use motion search to identify every time someone goes in and out of that exit.


Run Down

Step 1:
Identify which staff are working and when they should be showing up for work.

Step 2:
Identify which entrance/exit your employees use when they show up to work (This is usually a side or back entrance)

Step 3:
Go to the video page, in the top right corner click the date selector, and input the date and time you'd like to audit, set the time to 30 minutes prior to when the employee should be showing up.

Step 4:
Select the camera that shows your side/back entrance.

Step 5:
In the top right corner select "Motion Search" this will allow you to highlight an area of the video and will notify you when there is motion in the selected area.

Step 6:
Look at your timeline you should be able to see Blue bars that represent motion (When the door opens), navigate the timeline, and review footage to see when your employees are showing up to work.