Troubleshooting offline cameras

To troubleshoot an offline camera or offline camera box (commonly referred to as an encoder or switch) please do the following :

Step 1

Check all cables going into your video recording device (the brand name will most likely be QNAP). Make sure the cables going into Ethernet Port 1 and Ethernet Port 2 are securely connected (see diagram below). 

Step 2

With all cables securely connected to the video recording device it is time to check the cameras' connection to the camera box (encoder or switch). If all cameras are offline, check to see if the camera box has power by looking for any lights on the box. The camera boxes usually look like one of the following (branded HIKvision and TRENDnet).

Step 3

Once you’ve confirmed all the cables from the cameras are firmly in place and that the box is powered on, you can try to restart the camera box. You can do this by either turning the box off for 10 seconds (if there is a ON/OFF switch) or by simply pulling the power cord out for 10 seconds and then reconnecting it.

If at this point the camera(s) do not come back online, it is likely that the problem is related to the camera hardware or cabling issue that would require a technician to diagnose. Please contact your local service technician for servicing cameras. If your cameras were purchased through Solink, please contact our customer support team by emailing: