How to identify and audit $0.00 transactions

Learn how to effectively search your $0.00 transactions

Common Issues

You may be curious as to how your employees are giving away free products, or, you may want to review how many voided transactions happen on a daily basis, searching $0.00 transactions will give you visibility in all of us.

Solution Overview

We start by telling the system that we'd like to filter through all of our transactions to see only ones that have a $0.00 subtotal. Doing this helps us examine how an employee can apply a 100% discount to a transaction. Once we've identified how the discount appears on the receipt we can add that to our search.


Run Down

Step 1:
We start by selecting a filter to view $0.00 transactions, this can be done by selecting the pound side which is located on the right side of the search bar. When you click the pound sign you will numerous filter option, scroll down until you see "Total Amount" click it, then select "="

Step 2:
Input "0.00" and click the "Go" button or hit enter. 

Step 3:
You should now see transactions that have a subtotal of $0.00. You will now be able to review the contents of these receipts to see how your employees are inputting a 100% discount. Look for normal $0.00 transaction like Reward Card use.

Step 4:
You'll be able to exclude Reward Card transaction by adding a search filter, simply input "NOT" and then the terms that represent the use of a Reward Card. You will now be looking at transactions that have a subtotal of $0.00 with receipts that do not include Rewards Cards.

Step 5:
Go through the remaining transaction and identify all the different discounts that are being used to provide a 100% discount.

Step 6:
A quick way to audit discount use is to look at the thumbnail attached to the transaction to see if you can see a customer on the other side of the till while these 100% discounts are being used.