Video Discovery Dashboard: FAQ

What can Solink users do now that they couldn’t do before? 

  • Have a consolidated view of their data across multiple locations (prior to this - user would have to create a report with multiple locations and then manually select/view report from the events page)
  • Easily access information from multiple data sources in a single view and drill-down to specific events for more detail (prior to this - user would have to go to separate pages to see video/camera groups, transactions)
  • Easily compare metrics within a single widget (i.e. total transactions report vs. total voids report)  
  • Easily compare metrics with previous periods (i.e. previous day, previous week, same period before)

What information can be displayed in widgets?

Reports and camera groups can be displayed in widgets.


Widgets can display reports with transactions and motion events - any report that a user creates or has access to can be shown in a widget.  Even if a user doesn’t have data, there are still reports of value, such as motion event reports (total count, or total count by location and time).  Please note that in order to capture motion events, the user must first define a motion region of interest (ROI).

Current reports that are supported by widgets:

  • Motion (total count, or total count by location and time)
  • Revenue reports such as total of transactions
  • Transactions (count of transactions) such as those of type Void, Discounts and Refunds.

Each chart widget that is created will be displayed in daily view (by default) but can be changed and filtered to weekly, monthly, or yearly.  By default, the daily view will use previous day’s data for those customers that do not have real-time data loads. 

Each chart widget can also show a comparison to the prior period (day, week, month, or year) if desired. 

Currently, a maximum of two reports can be included in a widget.  Within one report, all locations are shown by default, but can be filtered to specific locations.  Data will be displayed as a bar graph.  

I created a widget but it doesn’t show any data - why?

Double-check the following:

  • Verify the date range (i.e. make sure it isn’t mistakenly set for the future or a time period for which you don’t have data)
  • Double-check that you have actually data for the desired location
  • Double-check that you have access to the location - if you don’t have access, you won’t have the data
  • Try refreshing the page

Who can see my widgets?  

Widgets can display camera groups and data from reports - if a user does not have access to specific cameras or specific locations, this data will not appear in the widget so while the physical widget may be displayed, it only contains data the user has access to.  

If a user creates a widget, only he/she will be able to see that widget (unless there is a generic account that is shared by multiple operators - then anyone who signs in under that generic account will be able to see the widget). 

Why don't I see the dashboard?

Please contact Customer Support (either through phone, email, or chat) and they can help you enable this.