What do I look for on receipts

What are some of the key pieces of data I should look for on receipts

Common Issues

Reviewing transactions is an integral part of any business. Typically we see our customer search through refunds, discounts, and, suspicious activity.

Solution Overview

The search feature in Solink couldn't be easier to use, you simply start by selecting the events tab, and then inputting a search term. You'll need to get familiar with your receipts, anything you search on the events page must be searched as it appears on the receipt. An example is this would be; searching for a "Large Drink", if the item shows up on your receipt as "Large Drink" you'll see results, however, if it appears as "Lg Drink" no results will be returned. The common items you should look for are refunds, discounts, and cash transactions.


Run Down

Step 1:
Select the events page to show a list of all your transactions

Step 2:
Look through your transaction to get more familiar with how things are displayed

Step 3:
Identify the difference between Cash, Credit, and Debit Transactions.

Step 4:
Look how Refunds are displayed and what happens when your employees initiate a void.

Step 5:
Identify and mark key search terms that can later be used to create reports.