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What to expect when getting started with Solink

Welcome to Solink!

Congratulations on choosing us as your Smart Business partner.

You’ll soon receive an email from the Solink team welcoming you on board. In this same email we will ask you to confirm your the main contact information, the camera and POS count. We will also ask you which members of your team that you’d like to have access to Solink.

Our operations team will order the Network Attached Storage Device (NAS) and ship it to your store, unless specifically asked to ship elsewhere. If required, we can also ship cameras, an encoder, a POE switch or other accessories.

We will notify you as soon as the equipment has been ordered and on its way.

Now that you’ve received all the equipment, it’s time to install Solink.

We will reach out to a technician to schedule an install. As soon as a date is confirmed, we will be in contact with the main administrator. If you have a desired install date, kindly let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.